How To Determine Shoe Size

 Our Feet Are Getting Bigger

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(2)  Yes our feet are getting bigger

It should come as no surprise to us that our feet are getting bigger. This is just consistent with the fact that as a human race we are getting taller and so we naturally need bigger feet to hold us up. On average our feet have increased two sizes over the past forty to fifty years. Yes ... our feet on average are bigger than our grand parents feet.


An American size 8 used to be common for men, but now size 10 and 11 are more common. Additionally the need for sizes 13 and 14, which may have been considered a giant’s shoe 50 years ago, occurs much more frequently.  The same holds for women. In 1960 the average women American shoe size was 6.5. Today the average American shoe size for women is between 8.5 and 9.

Our Changing Feet

As we age our arches tend to relax. This causes our feet to get a little wider and in some cases even a little longer. It becomes increasingly important that our shoes be selected on the basis of providing proper support for our feet.


Sandals and flip flops may be comfortable footwear in the summer, but worn excessively as we get older will tend to exacerbate these changes in our feet. Extended changes in our weight may also cause changes in basic foot size, especially the width.

Knowing Your Correct Shoe Size

For many of us, one foot will naturally be bigger than the other, and this is the foot that should be measured as described below. Measure both feet if you are not sure, and use the larger measurement to enter the chart provided. This will assure maximum foot comfort when walking the golf course.


It is so important that you know your correct shoe size. This will result in a comfortable fit with your new golf shoes. Comfortable golf shoes will allow you to focus on your game. So take the time to assure that you get the correct shoe size by following the simple instructions that follow and the link below which will take you to simple How To Determine Shoe Size Chart.

First You Need To Measure Your Feet

This can be done very easily at home following these steps:

foot measurement
(3)  Measuring your feet at home ( Figure A )

Foot measurement
Measuring both feet ( Figure B )
  1. During the measurement, wear the socks you are likely to wear with the shoes.
  2. Sit in a chair with your foot placed on a piece of paper. Trace the outline of your foot. (Figure A)
  3. Try to keep the pencil vertical and against your foot when making the trace. Start at the back of the heel reaching as far back as is comfortable.
  4. Trace the outline of both feet as in Figure A when not sure if one foot is larger than the other.
  5. Draw parallel lines at the longest and widest points of the outlines as indicated in Figure B.
  6. Measure the length and width of these lines preferably using a decimal ruler. Use the larger measurement to enter the Size Chart provided by the link below.
  7. Calculate the decimal equivalent if using a fractional ruler for measuring, rounding to the appropriate decimal place for entering the Size Chart. Example: a fractional measurement of 3/8ths = .375, 3/16ths = .1875.

Now that you have both the length and width measurements of your foot, simple click the link below to find the easy to use Men Shoe Size Chart and Women Shoe Size Chart.

Click here >>> How To Determine Shoe Size

Now with your up to date shoe size you can confidently make a selection of your favorite golf shoe.  There are many styles and designs to choose from these days.  They are not only great looking shoes, but by taking the time to make sure you know your correct shoe size they will fit you properly providing the support your feet deserve.  Enjoy the game.

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