FootJoy Golf Shoes Men – Contour Casual Spikeless

FootJoy’s Early Beginnings

Starting as a high quality shoe company in the middle 1800s, FootJoy golf shoes became the official golf shoe for the 1927 American Ryder Cup team captained by Walter Hagen. By 1945 it was the most popular golf shoe on the PGA Tour. After several changes in ownership, FootJoy Inc. was acquired by the Acushnet Company that includes Titleist Golf Balls.


As an Acushnet Company, FootJoy has been a leader in the evolution of modern golf shoe technology. One of their most notable innovations in the mid 90s was the DryJoy Leather System with non-membrane waterproof technology. In the early 2000s the DryJoy golf shoe was re-engineered with OptiFlex Technology producing a breakthrough in golf shoe flexibility.


FootJoy golf shoe innovations continued through the millennium decade focusing on golfer foot comfort and stability. The FootJoy Golf Shoes Men - Contour Casual Spikeless was introduce in 2012, quickly becoming a leader in the current spikeless golf shoe trend. FootJoy Golf Shoes Men continues to be a leader in the industry today.

Designed For Comfort

Not too surprisingly this shoe looks a lot like the shoe that Fred wears. Of course, I’m referring to Fred Couple’s 2010 Master’s golf tournament appearance wearing an ECCO Spikeless golf shoe. This was a breakthrough of sorts for spikeless golf shoes into the professional ranks.

Spikeless Golf Shoes
(1)   Footjoy Contour Casual
Spikeless Golf Shoe

The Footjoy Contour Casual design focuses on foot comfort with it’s natural last that provides a full rounded toe and forefoot features while the instep and heel are standard. The last bottom in contoured to closely match the shape of the foot.

 Surprisingly Good Traction

Golf shoe traction during the golf swing and when walking a wet golf course has been the initial golfing community concern on spikeless golf shoes. The FootJoy Contour Casual seems to have overcome this concern. Many reviews have included very positive remarks about traction.

Spikeless golf shoes
(2)  Footjoy Spikeless
Golf Shoe
Spikeless Golf Shoes
(3)   Footjoy Spikeless Golf Shoe
Great Traction

Perhaps not yet equal to the performance of the replaceable soft spiked golf shoe in extremely wet conditions, the Contour Casual certainly meets the test in dry weather conditions. Many reports indicate a sense of connectedness between the ground and feet providing a sense of stability during the golf swing.

Key Features of the FootJoy Contour Casual

  • Super soft durable, breathable leather upper
  • Very light weight with cushioned foot bed
  • Designed to fit the natural contour of the foot
  • Proprietary DuraMax spikeless outer sole provides excellent turf gripping

Customer Remarks and Rating

The most common customer comments focus on the how comfortable this golf shoe is … right out of the box.

"After playing golf in spiked golf shoes for more than 15 years I started to get some lower back pain when I played a round. These shoes really relieve my lower back pain allowing me to comfortably play a whole round focusing on my golf game. So happy with them I now have 3 pairs."

"I started having trouble with heel blisters and tried several other brands with no luck. The FootJoy Contour Casual golf shoe worked for me. No blisters and no rolling of the ankles. Very easy clean up after a round of golf … just a little saddle soap and you’re good to go."

"These are the best golf shoes I’ve ever owned. I really love to walk the course and I’ve given these shoes a real workout the last 2 years. Feels like I’m wearing house slippers on the golf course. The hard rubber nubs seem to hold you firmly to the earth. No messing around with those “twisty things. If the nubs ever wear down, I’ll just get a new pair."

Overall Rating = 4.6 Stars our of 5.0 Stars

Average of over 400 reviews from 4 sources


Even though FootJoy says these shoes are waterproof, this probably applies to early morning dew wetness and not walking through a lot of standing water after a storm. Several comments indicated this shoe did not keep their feet dry in very wet conditions. But who wants to play golf when the course is that wet anyway … right?  Also, a few comments indicated problems with getting the right size.  You get what you order, and if you are unsure of your correct shoe size, take the time to follow this simple procedure ... How To Determine Shoe Size.

This is a good looking, comfortable golf shoe with excellent traction.  What else would you expect from FootJoy?  There is a great selection of colors and trim styles.  Best of all Footjoy Contour Casual Golf Shoes are very reasonably priced.  Hope this review provided some valuable information in your search for a new par of golf shoes.  Feel free to leave any comments or questions below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.








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