ECCO Golf Shoes Men

A Brief Company History

Founded in 1963, this family owned Danish company is still family owned and run. The founder, Karl Toosbuy, passed away in 2004, leaving the company in the hands of his daughter Hanni and her shoe designer husband Dieter Kasprzak. Growing from a small shoe factory in southern Denmark, ECCO is now an international company.


They uniquely control the whole shoe making process focusing on technology, quality and sources of supply. ECCO’s firm control over all parts of shoe manufacturing ensures that new materials and production processes can be implemented quickly and efficiently. They pioneered Direct Injection Technology (DIT), where the upper part of the shoe is placed in a mold before the sole is sprayed directly onto the upper under very high pressure.


Continuous engagement in the study of the anatomy and biomechanics of the human foot has contributed to ECCO’s intimate understanding of how to properly support the human foot. They invested in a sophisticated 3D scanner as part of an on-going research project to model the way the foot behaves during different kinds of movement.


Several years of close collaboration with the German Sports Institute resulted in a revolutionary running shoe using their BIOM technology integrating the foot’s own natural systems for absorbing impact into shoe design. By empowering the human foot, maximum comfort is achieved while strengthening foot muscles and ligaments. The running shoe was an immediate success.


ECCO burst on to the golf shoe scene after releasing their BIOM technology, enhancing their position when they signed Fred Couples to an endorsement deal in 2006. ECCO Golf Shoes Men took a huge leap forward in the spikeless golf shoes world when Fred showed up at the 2010 Masters Golf Tournament wearing a pair of ECCO Biom Golf Shoes. This is a product review of the Ecco Men’s Biom Hybrid Golf Shoes ... yes these are spikeless golf shoes.

ecco spikeless
ECCO Biom Hybrid Golf Shoes
ECCO golf shoes men
ECCO Biom Hybrid - Excellent Traction

Anatomical Last Produces Extreme Comfort

Focusing on the biomechanics of human foot, Biom Technology is quickly felt when you try on a pair of these shoes. Guiding the foot to follow its natural motion paths helps your legs and feet get stronger. This was uniquely demonstrated in a collaboration project with the German Sport University in 2010.


These shoes enable your foot to move naturally while providing protection and anatomical support. BIOM guides the foot to move in a natural way producing efficient motion and extreme comfort. ECCO’s total company commitment to intimately understanding the biomechanics of the human foot is very evident in ECCO Biom Golf Shoes.

Traction and Stability

These are spikeless golf shoes using ECCO's patented Dynamic Traction System (E-DTS) consisting of 100 molded traction bars providing over 800 traction angles producing excellent turf griping. The sole unit is very lightweight, flexible and shock absorbing. The low profile brings the golfer's feet closer to the ground producing better feel, which is especially noticeable on golf greens. These golf shoes will actually help you read the greens thereby help you to become a better putter.


The traction bars of the sole are formed by multiple rows of molded square polygon shapes which look somewhat like miniature replicas of soft spikes … those “twisty things” you find on soft spike golf shoes. This shoe provides excellent traction under ordinary golf course conditions, compromised perhaps a little during very stormy conditions. Who likes to play golf in the pouring rain any way?

Key Features of the ECCO Biom Hybrid Golf Shoe

  • Uppers made of extreme high performance and breathable Yak leather made highly water repellent by their patented HYDROMAX system
  • A triple combination of polyester, ECCO CFS and EVA shell provides maximum foot comfort and support
  • Biomechanical optimization using ECCO’s patented Biom Technology yielding a shoe last perfectly matched to the human foot
  • The Biom technology integrates 5 design patents
  • ECCO’s patented Dynamic Traction System (E-DTS) hybrid technology that includes 100 molded traction bars with over 800 traction angles
Relieves Sore Backs
The Shoes That Fred Wears

Customer Remarks and Rating

 “Echo golf shoes have to be the most comfortable golf shoe on the market. I have four pair of them and they all fit my wide feet perfectly. These are the most comfortable golf shoes I have ever had on my feet.”

“Most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. I now own 4 pairs in different colors and bought two of these. If Ecco made a basketball shoe this good for $200 I'd throw every pair of Nikes I own in the garbage.”

“The most comfortable shoes I've ever owned golf or not. They work great on the course. I was a bit worried about grip and traction during the golf swing but they are great.”

“Super comfortable and stable. What I like best about them is the feel on the greens. It's probably all in my head but I've become a better putter since the switch to Ecco.”

“I have nothing but good things to say about my Ecco spikeless shoes since I got them.  I was worried, but one trip around the store with them on my feet and I was sold.  After a few range sessions and a few 9-hole rounds, I am convinced this is the future in golf shoes.”

Overall Product Rating = 4.7 Stars out of 5.0 Stars

Average of over 500 Reviews from 4 sources


There were a few comments about needing a size larger, but I’m convinced this is mostly caused by folks who don’t know their ‘current’ shoe size. This can be easily avoided by following this simple procedure  … How To Determine Shoe Size.

Some golf shoe brands do not offer a full range of shoe widths online.  The width size that comes out of the chart above varies with the length measurement of the foot, yielding increasing widths with increasing length.  A limited width selection can usually be compensated for by selecting a longer shoe length.  But this has limitations, so if you have extremely narrow or extremely wide feet it is often wiser to chose a style or brand that includes a broader width selection.


[ ECCO Biom Hybrid Golf shoes – check them out ] >>

The ECCO Biom Hybrid Golf Shoe seems to be the most popular brand among the top brands of spikeless golf shoes. The Overall Product Rating above was determined by averaging more than 500 customer reviews. No doubt Fred Couples has had something to do with this popularity. Fred admits that his interest in these golf shoes stemmed from his nagging sore back.   These shoes provided instant relief and this is helping to extend his professional golfing career.

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