Best Golf Shots All Time

The Hole in One

In my opinion one of the best golf shots of all time is the Hole in One. It occurs when the Tee shot ends up in the hole and occurs most often on a Par 3 golf hole, two strokes under par. Par 3 holes are the shortest golf holes on the golf course, and are designed to be very reachable off the Tee. They reward the golfer's accuracy more than how far he or she can hit the golf ball and are typically approached using a mid to long iron or hybrid golf club depending on distance and hazards.

One of the best golf shots all time
Flying the fairway the ball bounces accurately in front of the green, rolls up to the cup with the flag still in place, and "plops" right in the hole ... pure excitement. (1)

The USGA guidelines for golf courses indicate that Par 3 holes can be up to 250 yards for men and 210 yards for women, but they are typically less than 200 yards for most public golf courses. They are the shortest holes on the golf course which means even the weekend golfer has a chance to get a hole in one on a Par 3 hole.

Theoretically a Hole in One is possible on a Par 4, but very likely would be more exciting because it would also be a Double Eagle ... 3 strokes under par. Par 4 golf holes typically range from 251 to 470 yards for men and 211 to 400 yards for women, so are only a possibility for truly long hitters, and most likely on shorter Par 4 holes.

It's An Ace

In golf a Hole in One is called an Ace ... taking only one shot to get the ball in the cup. The term comes from the word "Ace" meaning a very skilled person or someone who excels at something. In professional baseball, the best pitcher on the pitching staff is often referred to as the team's Ace.

A very exciting shot
(2) Rory McIlroy's first Ace as a Pro was a Hole in One on the Par 3 15th hole of the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship 2015.

An Ace requires a whole lot of luck, and while this is much less so for a professional golfer, it is mostly luck for the average weekend golfer. Most weekend golfers who have played the game for a long time have never had an Ace, but there are a few who have even had more than one Ace during their golfing life.  They have had more luck.  As they say ... that's the way the golf ball bounces ... some weekend golfers are just lucky. 

The Double Eagle

An even more exciting golf shot is the Double Eagle, 3 under par. It is an Ace on a Par 4, and a score of "2" on a Par 5. It truly belongs on the list of best golf shots all time. On a Par 4 a Double Eagle occurs when the golfer holes out his or her Tee shot ... can you imagine? We are talking about a Tee shot that has traveled up to 470 yards for men and 400 yards for a women. It flies the fairway, bounces in front of the green, rolls up to and "plops" in the cup.


On a Par 5 it requires a long and accurate Tee shot followed by a long and accurate fairway shot that bounces in front of the green, rolls up to and "plops" in the cup ... 3 under Par. The two shots have traveled as much as 690 yards for men and as much as 575 yards for a women. So is this a rare shot? ... absolutely. Has it occurred in golfing history? ... yes.  Does it have a lot to do with luck, even for the Pros? ... yes.

A very exciting golf shot
(3) Christopher Meyers scores a Double Eagle (second shot) on the Par 5 18th hole at Pebble Beach to win the Pro Junior competition of the 2014 Nature Valley First Tee Open

It's An Albatross?

The Double Eagle (3 under par) can be accomplished on only a Par 4 and a Par 5 golf hole. It is very rare, more so than the Hole in One (the Ace on a Par 3 hole), making it truly one of the best golf shots all time. A Double Eagle on a Par 5 hole is not just one golf shot, but the culminating second shot on a Par 5.  Following a long and accurate Tee shot, it is a long and accurate fairway shot that lands in front of the green, rolls up to and "plops" in the cup. It could be called the most exciting golf shot.


The Double Eagle is also called an Albatross! Come on ... who came up with that name? The term has English roots and was prompted by the notion that an Albatross is a very rare bird, a fitting name for a very rare golf shot.  The term is used most frequently in the UK as you might expect.  I'll stay with Double Eagle ... thank you.


An Open Invitation

Both the Hole in One (Ace) and the Double Eagle (Albatross) are rare and exciting golf shots, but the truth is they have probably occurred more often than officially recorded. So this is an informal invitation to you to share your experience if you have witnessed either shot, or even better, have had the good fortune to execute one of these shots.

Just go to the Reply section at the bottom of any Page on this site and tell us about your Hole in One or Double Eagle experience. Even if you were just watching when it occurred (in the gallary, walking by, in the foursome, on TV ... whatever).  Please share your feelings.   If you have made one of these shots in your golfing life, please share ... even if you were playing a round all by yourself.

Thanks for reading.

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