Adidas Spikeless Golf Shoes

In The Beginning

Trained as a cobbler, Adolf (Adi) Dassler started his Bavairan shoe company in 1924. The company name was derived phonetically from his nick name Adi Dassler (Adi Das) became Adidas. With a focus on helping athletes improve their performance his initial designs contributed to Olympic Gold Medal victories in 1924 (Lina Radke) and in 1936 (Jesse Owens).


In 1949 Adi reinvented his company and registered the soon-to become-famous Adidas 3 Stripes symbol. From track and field to the football (soccer) field the Adidas brand continued to focus on athletic performance and the company grew more successful. Adolf passed away in 1978, but his son Horst continued the family traditions in sport shoe innovation until his death in 1987.


The company struggled until 1993 when Robert Louis-Dreyfus became the CEO and turned it into a market driven company from it’s sales driven roots. This led to several corporate mergers and spin offs leading to the Adidas Group today, which includes Adidas Golf, TaylorMade Golf, Reebok, and Rockport brands.


Adidas spikeless golf shoes come from the same vision and focus that drove the company’s founder ... helping golfers improve their game. An industry leader in innovation and technology, the Adidas Golf research staff includes PGA Pros Jason Day and Dustin Johnson. What follows is a product review of the Adidas Gripmore Spikeless Golf Shoe.

Extremely comfortable and lightweight spikeless golf shoe
Excellent turf gripping and stability

Focused on Traction and Stability

There are 43 concentrated points of contact designed to maximize turf contact gripping power achieved from the foot’s natural pressure points. These contact points are miniature, molded replicas of soft spikes … the “twisty things” you find on soft spike golf shoes.


The layout of these molded 43 pentagon shapes covers the central area of the sole where most of a golfers weight remains during the golf swing. The concentrated weight distribution and dynamic flexibility of this spikeless golf shoe produces swing stability that rivals soft spiked golf shoes.

 Wider Last – Enhanced Comfort

The new adicross comfort last is designed to be wider in the forefoot area for improved fit and feel. A mid sole liner features polyurethane fit foam providing great cushioning and support that contributes to an enhanced connectedness to the ground feeling when wearing this shoe.


Foot comfort is crucial to golfing performance, and in this regard Adidas has stayed true to it’s founding principle of finding ways to enhance a golfer’s performance. The development process of Adidas breakthrough gripmore technology included hours of testing in their research laboratory by staff PGA Pros.

Key Features of the Adicross Gripmore Spikeless Golf Shoe

  • Classic Adidas 3 stripe design upper, water-resistant leather
  • CloudFoam sockliner provides ultra-light cushion across the entire foot for superior comfort
  • Spikeless outsole designed to provide uncompromising traction, comfort and off-course versatility
  • Advanced Traxion Technology utilizes 200 strategically placed lugs in varying sizes for ultimate grip
  • adiWEAR™ traction system, initially developed to resist high-abrasion areas on tennis shoes, resists abrasion and enhances grip for improved turf interaction
Adicross Gripmore Technology

 Customer Remarks and Rating

The most frequently occurring comments focused on the excellent traction and stability experienced with this golf shoe.

 “Adidas has stepped up their game with these shoes. They are hi-tech with the gripmore (suction) feature which makes them excellent and a more versatile golf shoe. These are perfect and a good replacement from traditional spikes.”

“Been using these for a few months now and even though I'm pretty rough with my shoes they still look brand new!!! I was worried the soles would wear out like regular shoes but no signs whatsoever. I've even walked tons on concrete pavements in them. Find them comfortable even after wearing them for a full day.”

“I’m a mid 80s golfer and I’m proud of my game. So I was pretty hesitant when I decided to try these golf shoes. I didn’t want to give up any performance on the course. After trying them out on the range and playing my first round in them I can honestly say that the grip on these shoes is really great. It’s nice to feel like you’re not completely anchored to the ground like I feel in my other golf shoes. I didn’t slip once, not even a little.”

“When I play golf, I walk and carry my clubs so comfort is a big deal for me and these shoes definitely deliver on that front. The look of them is really trendy and slick, which I really like. They fit pretty much true to size.”

Overall Rating = 4.6 Stars out of 5 Stars

Average of over 100 Reviews from 4 sources

A small number of comments indicate a fit problem caused, in my opinion, by the wrong size being ordered. It’s surprising how many of us do not know our correct shoe size. This is easily avoided by following this simple procedure ... How To Determine Shoe Size.


Some golf shoe brands do not offer a full range of shoe widths online.  The width size that comes out of the chart above varies with the length measurement of the foot, yielding increasing widths with increasing length.  A limited width selection can usually be compensated for by selecting a longer shoe length.  But this has limitations, so if you have extremely narrow or extremely wide feet it is often wiser to chose a style or brand that includes a broader width selection.



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