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Hello and welcome to my website.  My name is Dennis. About Dennis

I would like to make something clear right up front. I am your average golfer, sometimes referred to as a weekend golfer. I love the game, and have played for many years. I wanted to create a website for US ... the weekend golfer, trying to break 100, 90, or even 85. Trying to get better is almost inherent in playing the game, especially if we play frequently with the same friends.

I didn't start playing the game until after college, when I started playing with some buddies. One of them was kind of a small guy, about 5' 8" and 150 lbs, but he could just simply crush the golf ball and he did so effortlessly. He picked the game up in high school where he said he had a great coach and golf instructor. Bill said his coach taught him how to keep his golf swing simple, creating most of the club head speed with the hands and wrists at ball contact.

Like many golfers, I picked the game up by going to the driving range and mimicking what I saw on TV … Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, Lee Trevino. I read a few basic instruction booklets to learn the proper grip, stance, and swing mechanics, and then went to the driving range to practice. I was constantly trying to get longer and straighter.

Arnold Palmer was my favorite Pro at the time. My first set of golf clubs was a set of Arnold Palmers with aluminum shafts and real persimmon wood for the driver and fairway woods. I spent a lot of time on the driving range trying to hit the ball as well as my buddy Bill. I improved to where I could break 100 fairly consistently.

Marriage and a job in a new city took me away from playing golf with my buddies, and I sort of drifted away from the game. I met new friends who played tennis so I started to play a lot of tennis. One of my friends at work started a campaign to form a company golf league, and of course I said sure I play ... even though I hadn't been out on the golf course for several years.

Soon I got my game back to where I was breaking 100 again fairly consistently. The additional incentive of the company golf league sort of motivated me to improve my game to the point that for several years in a row my golf partner and I won the A Division of our golf league. I improved my handicap to about a 20 which meant I would shot in the mid 90s fairly regularly.

A new job that required a lot of travel took me away from the game again. Eventually I changed to a job that did not require so much travel, and started to pick up the game of golf again. By this time the equipment had really changed, especially the golf clubs. The driver and fairway woods were now actually made of titanium steel and the shafts were stainless steel.

So I upgraded to a nice set which are the same clubs I play with today. I am a senior golfer now, but still love the game. I still break 100 on a regular basis, but have always wondered how much I could have improved my game with the training tools available today.

That is why I created this website ... to help the average golfer improve their game and increase the joy and pleasure they get from playing golf. I have found that one of the most effective ways to improve your game is through the use of video instruction. This allows you to study the video and then go to the driving range to practice, and can be repeated as many times as needed. It provides a cost effective way to improve and keep you on your game.






2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Shawn

    Sounds like you just can not stay away from the game4.
    I am so glad you are back into playing again and keep that handicap alive!


    1. admin

      Thanks, Shawn. There's nothing like it ... being out on the golf course. I know that sounds a little corny, but this came to mind very quickly when I started asking myself ... what am I passionate about.

      Thanks for stopping by ... I wish you the best.


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